If you you've watched my videos, you know I love Mycorrhizae.  I put that sh** on everything.   

Mostly all mychorrhizae products on the market today use inert filler as a carrier.  This carrier is usually clay or sawdust.  Nothing wrong with this, it does its job and delivers the mycorrhizae spores as it should.  Bigfoot Mycorrhizae took it a step further.   Instead of using an inert medium, they chose to use Worm castings, Kelp, and bio char as the carrier.  This simple yet genius idea has taken this product t the next level!

Let me explain how this works. 

What is Mycorrhizae?   It’s a fungus that attaches to roots and creates a symbiotic relationship with your plant.  Mycorrhizae grows faster and is better at finding and retrieving nutrients from the soil than your plant roots are.  Funny thing is,  they don't need these nutrients  to survive so they trade your plant for excess carbohydrates.  Your plant happily trades excess carbohydrates that she would have stored in her roots anyway.  This relationship goes further.  Mycorrhizae are 100% dependent on your plants survival for its own survival.  It will sacrifice itself for your plants health.  When there is a drought, Mycorrhizae will give up its water so that your plant survives.  Mycorrhizae also have the ability to suppress soil borne pathogens.  It does this because the survival and health of the plant directly affects the health and survival of Mycorrhizae itself.   

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced water and nutrient uptake.
  • Reduction need for fertilizer.
  • Increased drought resistance.
  • Increased pathogen resistance.
  • Increased plant health and stress tolerance.
  • Higher transplanting success.


What is Worm Castings?  Worm castings are pretty much digested worm poop.  It contains minerals such as concentrated nitrates, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus and many more.  Worm castings are also rich in bacteria which help break down organic matter and convert it to plant usable nutrients.

What is Kelp?   Kelp is seaweed.  Seaweed is known for its fast growth and quick repair of damaged tissues.  This is because Seaweed is loaded with plant growth hormones.  These natural plant hormones increase the plants growth rate and even have the ability to reduce stress.  Seaweed is a great source for micro nutrients. It contains over 70 trace minerals, many ready and available to be used by your plant.

What is Biochar? Biochar is a charcoal that was heated to super high heat in a no oxygen environment.  This material is microscopically porous which allows for the retention of water.  Biochar also has the ability to retain fast leaching nutrients like nitrogen.  The porosity of this material makes an excellent home for bacteria, they’re attracted to Biochar. 


    • OMRI Listed
    • CDFA registered

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